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WulfTeam Productions offers high-quality video production and duplication services in a variety of formats for broadcast, DVD, or the web.  The production process begins with a free consultation and written estimate — which will vary depending on the nature and scope of the project.  The production process then continues with some or all of the following services:

  •          Concept Development
  •          Scriptwriting
  •          Talent acquisition
  •          Interviewing
  •          Shooting
  •          Editing and Post Production
  •          DVD Duplication

Current rates are:

  • $75/hour for scriptwriting, editing and post production
  • $100/hour for videotaping with a single camera
  • $150/hour for multiple cameras and/or special sound or lighting requirements

Turn-key video projects include an HD mpeg-2 file for the web and five copies on DVD.

DVD duplication is available as a separate service at the following prices, which include printed labels and transparent sleeves.

DVD running time: Copies (each)
5 minutes or less $5
5 to 30 minutes $8
30 to 60 minutes $10
60 to 120 minutes $12


Video Gear:

  •         2 Sony HVR-Z5U video cameras (HDV 1080i with 3 ClearVid CMOS sensors)
  •         Sony HVR-MRC1 Digital Video Recorder with mini-DV tape backup
  •         Sony wireless microphones – lavaliere and handheld
  •         Proline fluid-head tripods
  •         LED and soft-box lighting
  •         Green screen

 Editing Suite:  Adobe Creative Suite 

  •         Premiere Pro CS4
  •         AfterEffects CS4
  •         Soundbooth CS4
  •         Encore CS4


  •         Primera Bravo SE disk publisher
  •         Sony printable DVDs