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Recent comments on WulfTeam Productions’  The Center of the Center of the Universe documentary: 

“Loved all of it.  It’s fantastic.  HAAC should be thrilled with Tom’s production.” – Claiborne W.

“Brenda G. said the other day she rates you right up there with Ken Burns.  So do I!!” – Caroline S.

“I am speechless.  That was great  – should make anyone who sees it want to move to Ashland.  I really enjoyed it.” – Margaret C.

“(The) videos look awesome!  They are sparkling and so professional!  Love the music and it’s all so diverse.  Ashland is a great small town.  Wish I lived there!” – Janet S.

“Great stuff!!  Tom, you’ve done an excellent job.  It is a wonderful look into Ashland. ” – Diane R.

“Very Cool!  You’ll have a ton of people wanting to move to Ashland!  Nicely done!” – Susan W.

“The video is flawless!!!  You are a really good videographer, and the interviews were shot in great settings!” – Chamise J.

Additional raves:

“Thank you again for all of your help with my project. I feel fortunate to have been able to work with you… your skills will be in high demand.” – Brent S.

“Tom is fantastic!  His creative approach to shooting takes a project to a whole new level.”
 — Kathy Abbott,  Abbott Media Productions

“Thanks to Tom (Wulf) and Bill (McElroy) for producing the world’s best possible DVD of the 2009 show. I still cannot believe that you all did so well… the editing of each part was masterful and perfect.  The interviews were just great–with video to match.  And each number actually sounded good.  You could hear the singers.  And they were well-lighted.  And there were close-ups and full shots, so everyone was seen.  Thank you for making everyone look good and for giving such an opportunity to everyone. You have outdone yourselves.”
—  Sue Forbes Watson, Executive Director, Ashland Musical Variety Show

The Variety Show DVD is what I use to tell the story about my town – Ashland.  It truly captures the cultural spirit of our community on so many levels.  I was able to share it with family who live in Boston who told me they */now/* understand why I love my town so much – they were totally entertained.  Thanks Tom for being the genius that you are!!!  Can’t wait for the next film:)
Jen Chambers, Membership Chair, Hanover Arts and Activities Center Board of Directors